DD-WRT Router as Wireless Repeater – Repeater Bridge Mode

Wireless Repeater/Range Extender can be used to expand an existing wireless network. It normally takes wireless signal from WiFi Router/Access Point and then rebroadcasts it. Wireless Repeater do only one thing, it expand your existing network, so you probably should not buy a device that can do only one thing. Also they aren’t very good due to their lack of versatility.

If you have an older DD-WRT supported router, you can easily turn your router into Wireless Repeater, so you might be able to save your money. Personally, I’ve been using Asus RTN13U B1 router with DD-WRT firmware as Wireless Repeater without any problems.

In our previous tutorial we talked about how to use DD-WRT Router as Wireless Adapter/Client Mode, here we are going to show you today how to use DD-WRT Router as Wireless Repeater/Repeater Bridge Mode so you will be confident when setting up your router to wireless bridge mode.


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  • Internet Connection.
  • Two Wireless Routers,
    • Primary Router – Which is connected to your Modem or WAN/Internet connection – Primary Router doesn’t need to support DD-WRT.
    • Secondary Router – A DD-WRT Router, which is connected to the Primary Router – It works as Wireless Repeater.

How to use DD-WRT Router as Wireless Repeater – Repeater Bridge Mode

> Primary Router Configuration

1. Open your router’s dashboard.

2. Wireless Security must be same on both routers, so change your primary router’s security to WPA/WPA2 or WEP, which is compatible with Secondary DD-WRT Router.

3. Optional – Reserve IP Address for your secondary router.

> Configuring Secondary DD-WRT Router as Wireless Repeater

Note: Always Click on SAVE button until configuration of this router is not fully complete because if you Click on Apply Settings button before full configuration, then you can’t able to access router’s dashboard, you may need to reset your router.

1. Open your browser and type to open your router’s dashboard.

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Open the Wireless tab and next click on Basic Setting tab,

Wireless > Basic Settings > Wireless Physical Interface

    • Change Wireless Mode to the Repeater Bridge
    • Set all these following options exactly the same as your primary router,
      • Wireless Network Mode
      • Wireless Network Name (SSID)
      • Wireless Channel
      • Channel Width

Wireless > Basic Settings > Virtual Interface

    • Click on add & set this following option,
      • Wireless Network Name – Different from Primary Router
    • Click On SAVE button ( Do not click on Apply button ).


4. Now navigate to the Wireless Security on the same Wireless tab,

Wireless > Wireless Security > Physical Interface

    • Set all these following options exactly the same as your primary router,
      • Security Mode
      • WPA Algorithms
      • WPA Shared Key

Wireless > Wireless Security > Virtual Interface

    • Set all these following options as you wish,
      • Security Mode
      • WPA Algorithms
      • WPA Shared Key
    • Click On SAVE button ( Do not click on Apply button ).


5. Next navigate to the Setup > Basic Setup tab,

Setup > Basic Setup > Wireless Setup > WAN Connection Type

    • Connection Type – Disabled
    • STP – Disabled

Setup > Basic Setup > Network Setup > Router IP

    • Set all these following options,
      • Local IP Address –
      • Subnet Mask –
      • Gateway –
      • Local DNS –

Setup > Basic Setup > Network Setup > WAN Port

    • Assign WAN Port to Switch – Enabled
    • Click On SAVE button.


6. Now navigate to the Advanced Routing on the same Setup tab,

    • Change Operating Mode to the Router Mode.
    • Click On SAVE button.


7. Next navigate to the Services > Services > Services Management > DNSMasq tab,

    • Disable DNSMasq
    • Click On SAVE button.


8. Next navigate to the Security > Firewall > Firewall Protection tab,

    • Disable SPI Firewall
    • Click On SAVE button.


9. Finally Click On Apply Settings Button and Reboot your Router.

10. Now you can access your secondary dd-wrt router’s dashboard from

Now you can able to use DD-WRT Router as Wireless Repeater. I hope this tutorial helps you….

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  • Thomas Hollier

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very helpful. Can I setup a repeater in the same way if the two routers are connected via an ethernet cable?

    • Jhalak Javiya

      It’s very simple, just connect Router 1 – LAN cable to Router 2 – WAN port, then set both router on same SUBNET with different IP range. You can also set your routers in different subnet.

      • Bernhard

        In this case, will second router still work as a repeater?

  • Bernhard

    Thanks for this tutorial. Worked perfectly with me.
    There’s one thing worth to mention.
    Wireless channel needs to be set-up very carefully.
    I’ve chosen 6 and then I realised that is the same as my neighbour…
    I could’n change it to 12 (free) because there was no option available.
    I needed to reset the router and start over.