Configure Netgear JNR1010 Wifi Router with BSNL/Reliance Broadband

netgear-jnr1010-review-kczon-8I was bought this router about a month ago and I have to say I am satisfied with this router. The router works extremely well. Here I’m talking about some primary configuration of router with Airtel, BSNL, MTNL and Reliance Broadband.

The Netgear JNR1010 is just a Wireless-N router and it does not have any ADSL or ADSL2+ Modem so you need a ADSL Modem from your Internet Service providers. Personally I used Reliance Broadband with this Router.

Configuration of Netgear JNR1010 does not necessary when your internet connection is Direct LAN. but If your ISP provide modem connection then it may create some problems because of same IP Address on both the Modem and Router.

Here I’m going to show you today, how to configure Netgear JNR1010 for Airtel, BSNL, MTNL or Reliance Broadband  in simple steps!, It is a quite simple method that by change IP Address of your Router.

How to Configure Netgear JNR1010

1. Connect Router Directly to your PC or Laptop via LAN Cable.

2. Open Your Browser and type or and hit Enter.

3. Type User Name and Password of your router which provides on the back of your router.

4. Navigate to Advance Tab

5. Now Navigate to “Setup” and Click on LAN Setup


6. Change IP Address to or or and click on apply button.


If you set IP Address or then Skip Step 7.

7. If you set IP Address to then also change “DHCP Server Starting IP Address” to,

Note: If you have any problems then Disable DHCP Server of your modem OR set your IP Address to or


8. [ Optional ] Reboot your Router.

9. Now Connect your router to the Modem.

10. Done!!!

If you having some Connectivity or DNS Lookup issues then also change DNS Settings.

1. Navigate to Advance > Setup > Internet Setup Tab

  • Change your Domain Name Server (DNS) Address to the Google DNS
  • Change Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to


2. Click on apply button.

I hope this tips helps you for configure new router….

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  • chirag

    not working!!
    any other solutions?

    • Jhalak Javiya

      Hello, Chirag

      give full details about your broadband connection and modem

  • Himanshu

    its not working….

    • Jhalak Javiya

      Hello, Himanshu
      give full details about your broadband connection

      • Himanshu

        i am using reliance broadband connection
        i have selected automatically get ip address but entered dns manually i.e.
        initially it was working very good for abt 1 week
        after that router always connects but sometimes it gives internet access & sometimes it doesn’t.
        if i connect through LAN (directlu connect modem with laptop) it works very good
        my netgear router is N150 JNR1010
        please help.

        • Jhalak Javiya

          Hello, Himanshu

          I think reliance dns may creates problems for you, also i have same problem with reliance dns. for this reason i always set my router’s dns to google dns,
          primary dns: and secondary dns: , you may also set your dns to openDNS or other DNS servers. i hope google dns could solve your problem.

          • Himanshu

            I have contacted netgear technical support. Now they are asking me to do some kind of MAC Binding from my ISP.
            Please tell me waht is MAC Binding n How dis will help me.

          • Jhalak Javiya

            Hello, Himanshu

            MAC binding is actually MAC Clone, MAC Clone only requires if your ISP only Provides Connection to specific devices and specific Number of devices. best example is tikona, they provide good plans but only for 2-4 devices at lower price, Reliance never interference with any specfic mac address. personally I used five devices on 2-3 routers bridge network without any problems. I think you have some problems with DNS or router itself. also try mac cloning or reset your router or change various dns settings.

            – Jhalak

  • Himanshu

    I have contacted reliance. They also said they are not giving any service like MAC Binding. I have also tried google dns but it doesn’t work.
    I dont understand why it sometimes work n sometimes doesn’t work.
    Even Netgear technical support is not able to solve this problem.
    Now they are asking me to visit their service centre to check whether router is working good or not.
    If you have any other solution, plz help.

    • Jhalak Javiya

      I’ve never had problems with reliance and netgear and also I have direct LAN connection from reliance. I hope your problems would solve at netgear service center. Sorry but i can’t help you for this problem. Thanks for coming over here and leaving a comments. keep visit my blog for more routers review and networking guides.

      Have a great day.

  • Mike J

    Above settings work well only for 24hours, after that I have to do the whole process again from starch :(

    Can you please help me on this


  • raman567

    i done all step but not able to connect the connection from the wifi router

    • JJhalak

      If you are useing bsnl broadband than enter your user id, password and other information into basic settings, set your router into PPPoE mode

  • rajesh

    When i switch my modem off and connect the router to the laptop (windows 8 with IPv4 and IPv6 enabled), i am unable to open the router configuration page at all. ipconfig shows the router IP address as, but i do not even get a login prompt (page not found error). If i try the same after switching the modem on (pc->router->modem), on trying to open, i do get a login prompt, but the default username and password as specified by netgear (admin and password) do not work ( i keep getting the same prompt again and again). Note that the adsl2 modem has an ip address of, so there is no IP conflict seemingly. the modem is configured to use only PPPoE (no bridge), and i do not have to use any dialer to connect to the internet. Also, i am able to ping most sites, but unable to browse them. Anyone can help?

    • Jhalak Javiya

      Hello, Rajesh
      first restore your router to default settings by erasing all data, and also erase cookies and cache of your browser or try other browser, then change your router IP address to ( try different subnet ).

      • rajesh

        Hello Jhalak,

        Thanks for your post. I had to reset the router in order to be able to configure it, then i could open the config page with, and changing the ip address resolved all issues. Thanks

  • Dexter Antony Noronha

    Great!!! It worked after resetting the router and typing in the address bar…. Rest of the things are as mentioned in this article. Thanks!!!! :-)

  • Sanjeev Rai

    Hello Jhalak. I have a reliance broadband conection which requires login on reliance website to connect to the internet. I am unable to configure my netgear router with it as it does not shows that login page. Can you plz help me out.

  • Kumel Khambati

    i am facing a similar issue…i have purchased netgear n-600 dual band router and i am not getting which option should i select in this…does your internet connection require a login?? because i tried both yes and no options but still itz not working properly……sometimes it works for 20-25 mins and then it gets diconnected…i called reliance technical support they said there is no problem from there side…i hve uploaded sceenshot of router settings which i hve set now…so plzz suggst wat changes are required…thnxx in advance for ur help…

    • Jhalak Javiya

      Hello, Kurnel Khambati

      Your Routers’s all basic settings are perfect for the reliance broadband, I’ve same settings as you, but it works for me, sometimes my connection automatically disconnected after some hours, but it works after renewing the IP from advance settings.

      Reliance broadband doesn’t require login from router(PPPoE), it only requires login from web browser, so don’t change any router’s settings except DNS settings, personally I’ve used Google DNS instead of Reliance DNS.

      I think you have some compatibility problems, sometimes it does not works perfectly..

      Reliance Broadband customer care never solved my technical problems, they always said “there are no problems from our side.”,

      try other settings, change your DNS or reset your router, may it solves your problems..

      Have a great day.


    hello jhalak

    I have reliance broad band internet connection and i am using netgear N150 ADSL2 + modem router.As the reliance has provided with a lan wire which is plugged into one of the four ports on the device. i am able to connect only one device with the reliance server through login . how can i configure my router to do multiple device connections

  • Moni

    I have Tikona Broadband and having n150wnr612 Dsl without modem, do tell me what to fill in place of (static)ip adrress,subnet mask ip adress, gateway adress and 1st,2nd,3rd dns

    • Jhalak Javiya

      Why are you looking for Static IP Connection settings??, I think Tikona doesn’t provides Static IP for normal users, if you have paid extra money for Static IP connection then ask to the Tikona customer care for your Static IP connection settings.

      But if you have normal connection without Static IP, then set your INTERNET IP ADDRESS to “Get Dynamically from ISP( Dynamic IP)”, so router set up all the settings automatically, if you want to change your DNS settings then fill up your 1st,2nd,3rd DNS place by using either Google dns and/or Opendns.

  • Srv

    I have BSNL broadband connection with Teracom modem (type 1 – without wireless). I want to configure Netgear N300 (WNR 2000) router. How do I proceed ? Will all the information you have posted above remain the same ?

    • Jhalak Javiya

      Hello, Srv

      1. If your router’s IP(e.g. is same as your modem’s IP(e.g., then first change your Netgear router’s IP address(change it to e.g.

      2. Set your connection type to PPPoE and then enter all your BSNL login information.

      Check out this Tutorial – Netgear WNR612 Setup

      In this Tutorial, I’ve described full setup process for Netgear WNR612, which is mostly identical with all the Netgear basic routers.

      • Srv

        Thanks Jhalak. I will give it a try and see if it works.

      • Srv worked.

  • ayush abhinav

    Hi Jhalak,

    I have configured my Netgear jnr1010 router following the steps suggested by you. I am able to connect to the net also. But the connection gets logout now and then. After that net does not connect. To reconnect I have to follow the following steps;
    1. connect the Reliance wire directly to computer .
    2. Open the login page of reliance.
    3. plug out the wire from computer and connect the wire to router.
    4. connect the router through the LAN to computer.
    5. Hit enter button on the login page.

    It will then connect to the net. This process is very inconsistent and very tedious. Also Reliance Login page does not open directly using the router..

    Please help with some solution.